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Since 1995 the Thermal Calculation Guru of Gurus regarding Solar and and ANYTHING energy has been posting and answering questions on various USENET subjects.  Nick's generosity of time and talent explaining true science is evident in every message.  The way he explains a complex calculation is truly world class.  What you would never think you could understand is  understood in just a few lines from Nick.  The most difficult calculation is explained as easy as if you were reading the back of a box of cereal.  I have 'lost' and invested so many hours over the years and gotten volumes of knowledge and delight from doing experiments regarding Nicks USENET postings.   As an experiment I have spent a great deal of time writing software that starts to organize this wealth of knowledge.  I've personally selected subjects and keywords and organized the message by those topics.  Hopefully this is just the beginning and look for this to be better organized and more great, world class information to appear on

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The Following List of Messages is by SUBJECT

Wind Power, Energy, Turbines, Generation & More

Regarding Home Heating in General

Solar Heating, Solar Closets, Trombe Walls, Hot Air

Solar Energy in General

Nicks Favorite Bubble Walls for Diurnal Insulation

Hydrogen in General

Underground Homes, Shelter, Pipes, Cooling, Connections

Solar Cooling in General

Cold Water, Freezing Water, Cooling Water, Ice

Hot water, Heating Water, Water Heaters, DHW

Calculations Regarding Thermal Radiation from the Master

Nicks Famous Basic Programs in Messages

Natural Gas, Propane, LP

PV, Photovoltaic and other Solar Electric Subjects

Swimming Pools, Heating, Cooling, Constructing and more

Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning, Cooling, Central Air

Ponds, Lakes, Ground Water, Well Water for Cooling or more

Fuel Cells, all types and messages

Swamp Cooling, Evaporative Cooling and Refrigeration

Ammonia for Cooling and Heat Transfer

Electrolysis Separation of H2 and O2 from Water

Spas and Hot Tubs, Heating, Making, Calculating

Batteries, All types, Deep Cycle, Small, Large, Usage, Charging

Septic Tanks, Sewage, Waste Water, Gray Water

BioGas, Methane, Digestion of Manure and more

Straw Bale House, Homes, Insulation

Heat Engines, Stirling Engines

Fresnel Lenses and Optics for Concentration

Thermostats for Controlling Temperature

Wood Stoves, Wood Heat

Solar Collector In General

Thermal Mass, Thermal Storage Messages

Steam Heat, Steam Engines, Steam Electrolysis

Furnace Messages in General

Drying Cloths

Passive Solar, Passive Heat in General

Green Houses - Everything about the Subject

Home Insulation, Styrofoam, Blown Insulation, Pink and More

Combustion in General

Insulation and Insulating in General

BTU - Any of the Messages

Cooling Towers, Evaporative Cooling and Swamp Cooling

Freezers, Refrigerators in General

Roofs, Roofing, Heat from, Cooling, Ventilating

Spreadsheets Regarding Calcuations

Heat Exchangers and Heat Exchange in General

Water Power, Water Turbines, Damns and more

Inverters and Power from them

Ethanol, E85, Making Shine and other Fuels

Geothermal Energy in General

Glycol for Heating, Cooling and Freeze Protection

Natural Gas and Propane Messages

Water in General

Corn in General, Ethanol, Home Heating

Hurricane Katrina

Where there was a QUESTION mentioned

Bio Diesel, Cooking Oil, Restraunt oil etc

Heat Pipes and the Transfer of Energy

Patents and anything to do with them

Portable Messages and subjects

Domes, Monolithic, Geodesic, Buckminster Fuller and More

Hybrid Cars, Trucks, Vehicles and Flowers

Thermoelectric Electricity Generation and Peltier Cooling

Ventilation, Vents, Ridge, Attic and more

Mylar and Reflective Films

Renewable Energy in General

Heating and Fuel Oil

DIY Do It Yourself and anything DIY

Saving Power, Electricity, Heat and Conservation

Vapor Barriers and Moisture control

Fluorescent Lighting in General

Radiant Floor Heating

Earth Pipes for Cooling from Ground Temperature

Solar and Reflective Films

Solar Concentration and Reflection

Turbines in General, All Subjects

Humidity in General, All Subjects

Heating and Cooling General Subjects

Tesla and any message to do with him

Deserts in General, Heating, Cooling

Canada and any Messages - Mainly Winters

Skylights in General

Parabolas, Parabolic shapes, Calculations, Building and more

Mirrors, Reflecting, Concentration

BASIC Computer Language and Thermal Calculations

ThermoSyphons and Thermal pumping of Fluids

Frugal and anything to do with it

Blackout of 2003 and any other Power Failure

Desiccants and other Moisture Absorbers

Glass Glass Glass and more Glass

Roof Ponds for Home and Building Cooling

LEDS for Light and Fun

Hot air, Warm Air in General

Cement, Concrete, PaperCrete and anything in the Subject

COP Coeffecient of Performance and AC Effeciency and more

Kerosene, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Bunker Fuel and more Hydrocarbons

Ventilation in General

Reflectors and Reflecting Light for Heat

Hydronic Subjects

Evacuated Tubes and Vacuum Tubes for Solar Heating

Solar Barn Project on Solar Heating

Fireplaces in General

Windows in General

Dry Ice and all you wanted to Know

Central Heating, Forced Air and More

Thermoelectric Anything, Heating, Cooling, Electricity Generation

Aluminum Foil has 19383 Uses

Solar Materials and Material Science

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and other FAQ Mentions

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