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re: insulation techniques on new home
19 aug 2000
dor   wrote:

>> > addition to the thermal properties, this stuff gives you the feel
>> >of a masonry home for about the same cost as frame.
>> >
>> what thermal properties?
>i meant resistance to heat of course. did that really confuse you?

yes, since masonry has so little resistance to heatflow, about r0.2 per 
inch, eg 100" for an r20 wall. this site is confused, with statements like
"...the low specific heat of thastyron results in a wall surface close to
ambient room temperature," and specs like a "dynamic r-value of 22.6" for
a 10" wall in minneapolis, vs a static value of r11. it cites "sickness due
to tightly laid reinforcing forming a faraday cage" as a disadvantage of 
conventional concrete. woowooowoooo... very green architecture.


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