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re: my homepower system
31 aug 2000

>...this is part of what my first rough draft looks like...
>8 ea     surette battery - 4ks-21-p 1350 amp/20 hr rated

do you mean 1350 amp-hours at the 20 hour discharge rate?

>some design considerations ...

>enough capacity that, as the system ages, it should still run
>everything 15-20 years down the road. i'm trying to factor in
>both panel and battery degradation over time.
>my understanding where the batteries are concerned is that if i
>can keep the load within the 100hr rating, i can greatly extend
>their operational life (probably).

keeping them cool helps. maybe surette has a discharge lifetime (total
number of cycles) vs depth of discharge curve like trojan's, or specs
the maximum energy that can be stored in a battery over its lifetime. 
>a question i've had ... how do you prevent cross charging in a
>series/parallel battery setup?

maybe you don't. what's wrong with a little of that?

>how do you prevent a single shorted cell from pulling down your
>entire stack? seems to me you need blocker diodes but i've never
>seen that discussed in this group ...

i wonder how these "blocker diodes" would be connected. we've talked
about electronic monitoring... you might consider a fuse or excessive
current indicator like this (in courier font) in the cross connects:

    .                                  .
    .                                  .
    |          shunt resistor          |
    |------*--------www---------*------|    the "shunt resistor"
    |      |                    |      |    might be a couple of 
   ---      --www------->|------      ---   back-to-back power 
    _      led limit    bicolor        _    diodes in parallel.
    |      resistor     led            |
    .                                  . 
    .                                  .


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