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re: anderson windows
11 oct 2000
k3  wrote:

>i am the original poster of this thread and i just took a straight edge and
>saw that the inside of the window indeed has been "sucked in"...

hey, there's an additional clue that clearly points to george's diagnosis!  

one reason i wondered whether high indoor humidity was the problem was
that i recently saw condensation on the room side of some central panes
of an older bay window in my house. they were not dished in, but we had a
cold snap, and the indoor temp was 66 f with 72% rh. an r2 double-pane
window with r0.68 for the inside surface would make the dew point temp
td = 66-0.68(66-t)/r2 = 43.6+0.34t with outdoor temp t. calculating td
= (460+66)/(1-(460+66)ln(0.72)/9621)-460 = 56.7 f for the room air
predicted the outdoor temp would have been 38.6.

when i checked, the outdoor temp was 38.4, which indicated this was
an indoor humidity problem.

it looks like george made a lucky guess in kendall's case, but it still
seems to me that his initial certainty was misplaced, given the evidence.


it's a snap to save energy in this country. as soon as more people become
involved in the basic math of heat transfer and get a gut-level, as well as
intellectual, grasp on how a house works, solution after solution will appear.

                                            tom smith 

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