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re: opinions of enertia - passive solar designers
18 oct 2000
news  wrote:

>"tim"  wrote in message

>> i'm considering plunking down $200,000+ on building a passive solar
>> home and just came across a company in north carolina (us) called
>> enertia building systems (

>> they claim that their houses require no heating or cooling at all...


>norman saunders made houses similar...

no, he did not. 

from enertia's hairbrained website:

>fuel free energy
>frequently asked questions

>q: how can you stay warm in a house with no insulation in the walls?
>a: while insulation holds in energy, it also keeps it out! that solar 
>energy falling on your conventional home on a clear winter day is 
>stopped by insulated walls. the way to gather and use that energy is 
>with carefully sized solid wooden walls, with thermal inertia, and 
>thermal lag, and a way of distributing that energy and storing it away...


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