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re: generator and noise
25 oct 2000
ray   wrote:
>yes, i'm aware that this plastic shed is more of an amplifier than a
>sound-deadener. i had thought of filling the hollow spaces with
>something more substantial than air...

how about water? steve baer was interested in a passive solar heating
and cooling scheme in which lots of special plastic soda bottles with
asymmetrical necks were thermally-connected to the inside of a metal
building, hooked on the inside walls, pointing up for heating and down
for cooling.

with insulation outside, water can keep the building from freezing solid
inside for a loooong time, as in zomeworks' cool cell (tm) battery boxes.

the water needs a lot of surface to collect useful heat from the generator
and keep the shed from overheating without any venting. you might put an
auto radiator and fan near the cylinder fins to heat the water in the walls,
and turn on an exhaust fan with a cooling thermostat if the inside air temp
reaches, say, 110 f. and put the shed in the basement, with the exhaust
pipe going outdoors, so the shed has a slight negative pressure inside.

a 5 kw generator might make 50k btu/h of heat, like a home furnace. 

why waste it?


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