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re: frugal car battery recommendation
29 oct 2000
bob  wrote:

>wouldn't a fan set for 120 in florida run whenever the sun was out,
>killing the battery itself?

a 6.8w fan would flatten a typical 12vx100ah = 1200 wh car battery in
1200/6.8 = 176 hours, eg 22 days at 8 h/day. if that's a problem, you might
paint the hood white, make some vent holes in the top, park in the shade,
charge the battery with a 10w solar panel, use grainger's 2e249 thermostat
which turns on at 140 and off at 130 f, or use their 2.4w 35 cfm 4wt35 fan. 

>> you might set it for 120 f for battery protection, or arrange a smaller
>> more efficient fan to move some outdoor air directly over the battery,
>> something like grainger's $23.59 4wt36 6.8w 12v 107 cfm 5" fan...


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