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re: heat storage "portable heater" ??
3 nov 2000
toby   wrote:

>jiva* (jiva) wrote:

>>any thoughts on something to set on top of a woodstove then move
>>to heat a small area?...

say an 8' cube with r12 insulation that's 74 f indoors on a 34 f day? 

>the ideal unit might weigh something like 10-15
>pounds and "charge up" with 1000 or more btu...
>1000 btu = 1btu/f/lb * 15lb * dt, where dt is how much the water
>increases in temperature... dt = 1000/1/15 = 66f
>basically, warm up water from room temp (say 74f) to 74+66= 140f
>this seems very possible on a woodstove cuz boiling water is 212f.
an 8" cube with 2.7 ft^2 of surface and 4 btu/h-f of cube-to-room air
conductance might keep the 8' cube with 32 btu/h-f room-to-outdoor
conductance at 74 f until the water cools to temperature t, where

                 74 f  = 34 + --------  1/32
                  |           1/4+1/32          [use courier font]
   t -----www-----*-----www----- 34 f
          1/4          1/32

so t = 394 f :-) 

>may jesus bless,

a little faith-shaking might help.


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