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re: more precise don lancaster quotes
14 nov 2000
news  wrote:

>> wrote:

>> > won't get very far on air alone. certainly not 200km...

>let's all hope you are wrong. i'm sure you want to be wrong...

some people just explore facts and physics, and follow the paths, vs
trying to hack out new ones in defiance of physics. then again,
you need to know something about physics to do this :-) 

>there is research on air engines in other places, the negre one is
>the most advanced and has been put in a car and looks imminent. 
>look at the post of mine from the university of westminster.  that is
>"research" and they have an engine built that works.  i'm sure the
>guys there would give as much info as they could on their engine.

this babbling seems to indicate second-hand knowledge of physics
and research and researchers :-) 

>i'm sure they is a niche for these engines, especially in polluted town
>and city centres and chp applications.

ah, faith, vs evidence :-) altho a gasoline/compressor/tank/pneumatic motor
car might be lighter and simpler than a gasoline/generator/battery/motor
version and able to handle higher regeneative braking power. and perhaps
we can compress air without wasting much heat, or compress it at home
and use the heat...


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