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re: humidifiers/water fountains?
15 nov 2000
joan r.  wrote:

>desperate.  apartment/coop in chicago is sweltering  up to 80
>degrees.days, and 70s nites.janitor controls heat...
>i have windows open all year, and wear shorts and tee shirts.

sounds like my friend clarissa's apartment in brooklyn...

>therefore humidifier doesn't lower humidity because of open windows.

i guess you mean "raise."

>so i have a choice between drying up, or suffering with hot bedroom air.

why not reduce the heat? where does it come from? the 5-story brooklyn
coop building had one-pipe steam, but only one thermostat. a lot of the
residents wore t-shirts and shorts all winter, and left the windows open.

there were 2 radiators and no insulation on 3 steam risers (3" vertical
bare pipes running from floor to ceiling) in clarissa's apartment. we
insulated the risers and removed one radiator, and added a $30 danfoss
mechanical thermostat in series with the steam trap on the remaining one.
now there are only 24 apartments with the windows open in wintertime :-)

>has anyone measured whether the water fountains in use nowadays, help
>increae humidity.?

that's predictable. maybe ken h or or karl can tell us how many boy scouts
or square feet of moving water are needed to keep a 70 f 1000 ft^2 room at
50% rh with 0.5 ach on a 50% rh 30 f day.

you might add a float valve to keep the fountain full of water and a
humidistat to turn it on when the room air is dry. or put the fountain
on top of the toilet bowl, or use one of those handwashing bowl tops
with a few extra rocks and a small submersible pump in series with a
humidistat. we added a humidistat and solenoid valve and needle valve
off a t that went to the radiator thermostat in brooklyn. it worked,
altho there was some correlation between heat and humidity. when the
air got dry, it vented live steam into the room (clack! hsssssss...)
and scared the cats off the windowsill.

herbach & rademan (800) 848-8001 may still sell
fine navy surplus hair element humidistats in 1x2x5" solid brass boxes
full of holes, with a 20-80% range and 3-6% differential and an spdt
7.5 a 125 vac microswitch that can be wired to open or close on rising
humidity. their catalog number is tm89hvc5203, $4.95 each.


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