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re: homemade balloon wine
18 nov 2000
lou pogoda  wrote:

> much heat does it take to evaporate a gallon of alcohol from
>8.33 gallons of water and alcohol mix when the alcohol is 12% of the
>total?  and how much can you get from burning the resulting gallon?

dunno. interesting questions. if it takes 1,000 btu to evaporate a pound
of alcohol and we get 10,000 by burning it, we might be ahead of the game
with a good heat exchanger and enough insulation, especially if we ferment
indoors, and count the heat of fermentation.
>i've always read that one of the reasons the world runs on petroleum
>instead of alcohol is that producing the alcohol uses more energy than
>you can get from burning the stuff.
that may well be true, with conventional agriculture.

>in any case, such an arrangement sounds a little overly complicated - why
>not just burn the grain or fruit or whatever you're using as feedstock for
>the still directly and be done with it?

could be the moisture content is too high. then again, we have corn stoves, 
and drinking alcohol could be an interesting byproduct.


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