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re: indoor battery?
17 dec 2000
i wrote:

>>consider a 2,000 ft^2 0.2 ach "airtight" house with 3,200 ft^3/h (53 cfm)
>>of natural airflow... to explode it, we need to generate at least
>>0.05x3200 = 160 ft^3 of h2 in less than an hour...

richard j komp  replies:

>it isn't just the overall concentration of hydrogen in the house, you
>have to be concerned about the local concentration right around the vent
>holes.  also, each time a bubble of hydrogen or oxygen (remember 1/3rd of
>the gas emitted is oxygen) breaks, a spray of tiny drops of acid are
>thrown about, and some of them escape from the vent holes, corroding
>everything metallic nearby.  one way of venting batteries inside to reduce
>both of these problems, is to put tiny polyethylene tubes in each cap to
>vent them directly outside.  around here we use the used tubes left over
>from tapping maple trees in the spring.  you drill out a hole in the cap
>just big enough to make a press fit to the tube, then you can bundle the
>tubes and stick the whole bunch into a bigger tube leading outside.  if
>you have the small tubes always sloping uphill, the acid droplets will
>run back into the battery cells where they belong.  you have to seal up the
>small original vent hole in the cap, and silicone caulk is good for this.

>      rich

>richard komp,  president
>sunwatt corp.
>rr 2 box 7751
>jonesport me 04649

or just use the grid as a battery... :-)


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