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another poor man gone wrong...
17 dec 2000
my 75 year old friend john and his wife got farm and home to install
bryant air conditioning in their well-built 2,000 ft^2 30-year-old ranch
house in may, used it for about 3 weeks in august, then turned it off,
then noticed some odd smells and water leaks around the ceiling vents
at the end of september...

so they went up to the attic, disconnected each of the 9 spiral ducts
from the fa4a(?) horizontal-slope fan-coil unit and lifted the duct ends
up in the air to drain 24 quarts of dirty, fishy water from the ceiling
vents and another 6 quarts from the return register. a lot of it ended
up on their house carpeting. most of the water had pooled in the low
point of the ducts, below the fan-coil. 

the fan-coil unit is above these atco ducts, which are mostly horizontal,
8" diameter, with an inch of pink insulation. a few of them are about
40' long. the return is an 8'x18" spiral duct. on inspecting the fan-coil
unit, john noticed that all of the unit's fiberglass wall insulation was
soaked, and there were soggy handfuls of yellow attic insulation on the
warm side of the coil, as if someone had turned on the unit with the
return duct and filter detached and sucked in lots of attic insulation.

he also noticed that the secondary drain was capped. the service manager
told him that this didn't matter, because the whole unit had a drip pan
with a drain line underneath, and any water that didn't leave by the main
drain would drip through the bottom of the unit and into the drain pan.

the service manager went on to say the problem was john's fault: that he
and his wife were negligent in not closing every butterfly in the ceiling
vents in the fall and taping over the return grate to prevent warm moist
indoor winter air from rising up into the cold ducts and condensing. 

what do you think?


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