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re: solar hydronic greenhouse questions
12 jan 2001
steve spence  wrote:

>what would you recommend reading, once you read mazria?

you might want to avoid reading mazria in the first place :-) i liked the
book when it first came out (and sold and gave away 2 dozen copies), since
it made some sense out of a chaotic "science" (which is still chaotic to
many architects :-) mazria did a good job codifying lots of rules of thumb
about mass and glass without imparting much basic physics or exploring
higher-performance configurations (vs trombe walls or direct gain), but
the good organization and thoroughness of the book tends to give the
impression that the solar heating solutions he presents are exhaustive.

it seems to me that about 90% of solar heating is "ohm's law for heatflow,"
(with examples ad nausem on my web page) which can be learned from many
sources, including charlie wing's books like "from the walls in" or "from
the ground up," or the first or second editions of bruce anderson's "solar
home book," or dutt and nisson's "superisulated home book" or (getting more
technical and expensive) the ($14.95 :-) 1998 schaum's outline on heat
transfer by pitts and sissom or kreider and rabi's "heating and cooling
of buildings" or the ashrae handbook of fundamentals" or the second (1991) 
edition duffie and beckman's "solar engineering of thermal processes."

the old "food and heat producing greenhouse" by yanda and fisher is also
good, as are hanon's $100 1998 "greenhouses" and the $35 1994 nraes-33
"greenhouse engineering" book from the northeast regional ag engineering
service at 152 riley robb hall/co-op extension/ithaca, ny 14853-5701.

the rest of solar house heating involves very nice nrel weather data and
some familiarity with conventional hvac, eg honeywell products, and a
grainger catalog, and a greenhouse supply catalog, and new materials like
0.020" rolls of polycarbonate plastic, and common sense and an open mind.


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