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re: evacuated tube collectors
3 feb 2001
oo  wrote:

>does anyone know other places to get evacuated tube collectors?

jim crater at non-profit recycling services in pottstown, pa
(610) 323-8545 (a long way from alberta :-) has just saved about
500 4'x4' owens-illinois sky-pak modules from the dumpster. each
weighs about 70 pounds empty and contains 8 tubes about 2"d x 3.5'
long with a 6" wide winston reflector below them. they had been
solar heating a school in reading from 1978 until recently, when
school officials became concerned that the tubes might break and
fall on students, and decided to trash the entire system. 

jim also has about 300 5 watt solarex amorphous pv panels, about
13.6" square and 22 v open-circuit. he saved them as an employee of
our local futility was breaking them up and about to bury them, 
after they had apparently sat unconnected to anything for about
20 years on a rooftop. they are glass, weathered transparent here
and there, with shiny parallel stripes about 1/2" apart visible
from the front and a coating on the back, in a plastic frame. the
frames are bolted to 9' long aluminum unistrut bars in groups of 8.
jim was too late to rescue the unused inverter, which the employee
had buried the day before. 


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