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re: engineered home?
21 feb 2001
krh.   wrote:

>...the 50 to 55 degree temperature underground when added to normal
>heat distribution during summer months within the enclosed house will
>more than raise the temperature to a comfortable level.

let's see... a 2000 ft^2 underground house with over 6' of earth on the
roof and rv walls and no windows and a thermal resistance of rv/5400 could
be 70 f inside when it's 50 f outside with 800 btu/h of internal heat if
20 = 800rv/5400, or rv = 138, with a mere 39" of fiberglass insulation...

>...during warmer months if the house temperature is lower than the
>outside temperature, simply turn on external ventilation...

and watch the walls sweat :-)


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