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drying closet and sauna
24 feb 2001
after looking at this

and its price ($799+$250 shipping?), i'm inclined to build one from 4 $11
sheets of 1" atlas energy shield 350 f foamboard and a $9.97 500 w work lamp
from home depot and a $9.95 cooling thermostat (tm93hvc2416) and a $2.50
heating thermostat (tm02hvc2293) and a $4.95 humidistat (tm89hvc5203) and
a $4.95 100 cfm fan (tm89fan4893) from herbach and rademan (800) 848-8001, 

we might arrange them like this (in courier font):

         < 50%      < 200 f                < 100 f
       humidistat    heating       |       cooling    switch    |
                     thermostat    <       thermostat         -----
120 v                              < lamp                    | fan |
                                   <                          -----
                                   |                            |

when you put wet clothes in, the humidity rises, which turns on the lamp. 
if the temperature reaches 100 f and the humidity is still more than 50%,
the fan turns on. when the clothes are dry, the box stays warm enough to
keep the rh less than 50%, with very little power, so there's no chance
of mildew, with the lamp switch on. no need for a timer :-)

the fan blows room air into the top of the box, with one-way plastic
film dampers over the vent holes at the top and the bottom of the box
to prevent natural airflow in "idle" mode.

with an air gap on each side, the foil-faced foamboard becomes us r15, 
so a 2'x4'x8' tall box has a thermal conductance of 112ft^2/r15 = 7.5.
with the humidistat in the "on" position and the fan switched off, the
closet would become 70+500x3.41/7.5 = 297 f, but for the 200 f heating/
safety thermostat in "sauna mode," with no wet clothes inside. a 4'x8'
closet or sauna might have 2 layers of foamboard with an air gap (r26.) 


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