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re: solar panels for power?
8 aug 1996
david williams  wrote:

>there are also dehumidifiers that don't use refrigeration at all.
>instead, they pass the air over a hygroscopic material such as calcium

i keep thinking this might be done with a sunspace floor, perhaps with a
thin layer of cement over some sort of wire mesh, or some sort of pebbles, 
venting the sunspace to the outside during the day and closing the outside
vent dampers at 4 am, and opening up the house to the sunspace, after
ventilating the house itself at night, and cooling its thermal mass.

anyone know much about the hygroscopic properties of concrete? i've heard
it absorbs water from moist air, up to a point, and releases water to dry air.
it works as a humidistat, over a certain range...

a wool rug will absorb 25% of its weight in water from air. vermiculite will
hold 3 times its weight in water. liquid triethylene glycol will absorb 11
times its weight. dessicants which do not change their chemistry when they 
absorb water heat air as they dry it, by the heat of vaporization of water,
and a bit more, but some dessicants which chemically change their structure
as they absorb water can dry air without heating up. which of these are
suitable for a sunspace floor? 


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