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re: strange home for sale..
28 feb 2001

>my cabin in oregon is 20x20... it's super insulated and very easy to heat
>or keep cool. i joke that if it were any smaller i could heat it with body
>heat alone. ...

january in redmond, or is 31.4 f on average. body heat depends on what
a person is doing, but you might count on 300 btu/h. you could heat
a cabin with thermal conductance g to 70 f if g = 300 btu/h/(70f-31.4f)
= 7.8 btu/h-f. this might be an absolutely airtight 16x16 cabin with no
windows and 640 ft^2 of walls with r82 insulation, eg 16" of r5 styrofoam.

ashrae-standard ventilation (15 cfm per occupant) with no heat exchanger
adds another 15 btu/h-f, ie (70-31.4)15 = 579 btu/h, so it appears an
ashrae-standard person can't legally heat a building in redmond (no matter
how small) with only her body heat unless she uses an ashrae-standard
air-air heat exchanger designed by ashrae-standard engineers. 


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