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re: solartube / daylighting
2 may 2001
jerud crandall   wrote:

>> ...i like the idea of a steep transparent south roof and some foil-faced
>> foamboard panels over horizontal attic floor glazing. the panels could
>> be hinged along the north edge, and automatically fold up during the day
>> and down at night.
>...are you talking about horizontal glazing that is basically recessed
>into the roof, and the panels (when closed for nighttime) fit flush with
>the roof?...

no. picture an ordinary gable roof with the ridge running east and west,
and an attic underneath, with an attic floor. now replace the steep south
half of the roof with transparent material, eg corrugated polycarbonate,
and cut a few rectangular holes in the attic floor and cover them with
something transparent, eg a horizontal layer of flat clear polycarbonate.
then cover the holes with foamboard panels, reflective underneath and
hinged along the north edge. raise them automatically to reflect light
down into the house as needed, and close them automatically at night.

as long as you've made the south roof transparent, you might make the north
roof parabolic and reflective underneath with a water-type trough collector
along the north edge of the attic floor, and you might put some pv panels
in the water. and you consider leaving the covers off the holes in the floor
(while keeping the hinged flaps) so you can circulate warm air between the
attic and house in the winter and open the flaps at night for ventilation
in summertime. 


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