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re: a cool casa for killer
5 may 2001
>with an average 84-81 = 3 f temp difference over 6 hours, we need an
>h foot chimney and a ft^2 vent area, where 491 = 6hx16.6asqrt(h)3^1.5,
>according to one empirical formula, ie asqrt(h) = 0.95. h = 4' makes
>a = 0.47 ft^2, eg a 2"x4' slot at the base of the jug wall with another
>slot at the top of the opposite wall. the upper slot might have a
>lightweight one-way plastic film damper over the outside...

or, the roof might have a continuous perimeter slot, with no lower slot,
to make an upside-down igloo heat trap. underground could be interesting
too, with an annual average 72.6 f in phoenix, and little humidity.


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