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re: dog days of summer
23 jun 2001
mama   wrote:

>>>...don't turn the ac off during the day to save money, you'll end up
>>>spending more money getting it cool again in the evenings...

>>aha. mcfl myth #37.

>'s not a myth.

in rhetoric, an assertion demands no more than a counterassertion...

>if you have something that you want at a temperature of 75 it's much
>more cost effective getting it there if it begins at 75 rather than
>beings at over 100.

agreed. it takes no energy to make a 75 f object 75 f.

(who are these elderly beings? :-)

>keeping it reasonable is much less expensive than making it reasonable
>every 12 or so hours.

do you have any evidence for this article of faith?

>as an example, do you want to cool all the food in your fridge twice a day,
>or do you want to keep it cool once it's already there, unplug the freezer
>and then re-freeze everything twice a day?

neither. i'm having difficulty following your logic here...

>do you have any idea how long it takes to cool off bricks which
>have been in the texas sun all day?

yes. you might plunge the brick into iced tea... ("honey chile, what
are y'all  doin'  with that ice tea?")

>before you start telling people they're wrong, you might want to
>experience the event instead of trusting published research on the
>subject (if indeed that's what you're trusting).

newton published this research ("newton's law of cooling") about
300 years ago. he said the amount of heat that flows through a wall
is proportional to the temperature difference. when asked if this
applied to air conditioning, he replied "i don't give a fig."

he also invented gravity, which involved apples, calculus, involving
thin slices of oranges, reflecting telescopes, and three laws of motion
(he called them the lemon law, the pear law, and the mango law.) 
many states now have lemon laws.


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