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re: advice needed for cooling residential hydronic system...
29 jun 2001
fbmcgalliard  wrote:

>> >...this will work ok if you go barefoot a lot, or have a fan to
>> >circulate the warm air at the top of the romm aginst the cool floor.
>> the fan might help a little, but the room air should be well stirred
>> by convection currents caused by air rising up the warm outside walls,
>> in to the center of the ceiling, back down to the floor, and back up
>> the walls.
>if the room air is not stirred pretty hard the hotter it is outside
>the more likely that the downward flow will be limited to relativly
>cool air settling...

let's cut out the bullshit. try some basic equations and numbers, fred.

>the swamp cooler idea is ok...

you are a nitwit. for the third time, i didn't describe a swamp cooler. 
swamp coolers work all day, and move warm outdoor air into a house. i
described an indirect system with storage that only cools at night.

>steam and stirling motors are heat powered rather than direct combustion
>powered. i would run a steam motor to drive a heat pump for cooling. sounds
>neat and not too technically demanding...

which stirling engines? if nobody makes these mystical gadgets, how would
you make them in your garage with standard materials, with no little boxes
that say "a miracle happens here"? and what would their efficiency be?

if you have no idea about that, you are uselessly or harmfully blowing
smoke. your comments introduce distraction, delay and confusion here...
please go away, and don't come back until you have more practical ideas.


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