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re: don't waste your extra summertime pv energy!
15 jul 2001
scott willing  wrote:

>i was thinking, especially with the sort of accurate positioning scheme you
>propose, that a hybrid navigation arrangement might be useful (if not
>necessarily commercially practical). first time out, drive the thing around
>with a remote control, just like the wee toy cars...

sounds like a good idea. might be easier to push it around like the
usual walk-behind mower and let it memorize the moves, with a little
feedback from obstacle detectors if it gets a little off-course while
repeating the course by itself.

seems to me that multiple mowers in the same space might not be a problem,
if each were programmed to home to a different charger location. 

years ago, i went to a moving sculpture exhibit at dag hammerscheld plaza
in manhattan. about a dozen 3' diameter x 6' tall white cylinders slowly
roamed the lobby and outdoor patio bumping into the walls and each other,
sometimes blocking the elevator, and so on. each one had a car battery and
an obstacle detector. most people thought they were fun.

seems to me that differential gps will get real cheap real fast...


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