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re: evaporative coolers question
16 jul 2001
david hatunen  wrote:

>deadend  wrote:
>>nick, would it be possible to build something to cool a single car
>>garage sized room to use evaproative cooling?...

>here in arizona we have evaporative coolers to cool whole houses.
>they're not very large: a typical unit might measure a meter cubed
>(and for design reasons they are just about cube-shaped).

i suggested an outdoor evaporator that cooled water for an indoor
evaporator, 2 large hanging pieces of synthetic cloth and 2 gutters
and 2 $10 5 watt fountain pumps, with an optional shaded pond for cool
water storage. this would be a fairly closed system, vs a swamp cooler 
that moves lots of humidified outdoor air through a house.

>typical humidities during may and june might be 8% while the
>temperature is some 104f. the coolers can bring a house temp down
>by 30 odd degrees fahrenheit. but they are not so successful during
>our monsoon season when daily humidities may be 30% or more.

perhaps the monsoon is beginning. nrel says phoenix is 93.5 f on
average in july, with a 0.0105 humidity ratio (vs 0.0056 in june.)

how well would that indirect system work now? what would the average
temp be in a 16' cube with r16 insulation and an optimum ventilation
rate with 4'x8' wet surfaces inside and out and 60% indoor humidity?

with no ventilation or infinite ventilation, the cube would be the
same temp as the outdoors. some ventilation rate in between would
minimize the indoor temperature.


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