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re: air collectors-alive and heating
18 jul 2001
deris jeannette  wrote:

>...take a look at our current 2' x 4' room heaters at: http:...
>the cfm on the room heater can be up to 75-100 cfm, with temperature
>increases in the 40 degree range at sea level...

wow... 75x40 = 3k btu/h with 2x4x250 = 2k btu/h of incident sun...
150% efficiency. sounds like a con game to me. 

>we're now testing our 4' x 8' prototype small home or condo heater
>that's increasing input temperatures 50-55 degrees with 200-250 cfm.

wow... 55x250 = 13.75k btu/h from 4x8x250 = 8k btu of sun... 172%
efficiency. what planet do you come from?

>it has 6" vents and feels live a few hair dryers hooked together. we
>expect it to heat 800-1000 square feet or more in a well-insulted structure.

might work with well-insulted customers :-)


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