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re: co-generation for residential use
9 sep 1996
walter mccannon  wrote:
>ah, the ole "it's only an induction generator" scam.

right. the one in the national electrical code :-) page 807 of the 1996
handbook says, in a commentary to section 705-40: 

  induction generators are commonly used today. they have characteristics
  quite different from synchronous machines. they are more rugged because
  of the construction of the rotor. they are less expensive because of their
  basic design, availability, and type of starting and control equipment.
  theoretically, an induction machine can continue to run on an isolated
  system if a large capacitor bank provides excitation. in reality, an
  induction machine will lose stability and be shut down quickly by one
  of the protective devices.

so that's how the intelligen unit fails to fry linemen and big busfuls of
school children :-) its diesel engine doesn't even have a speed control,
but it does have a microprocessor to carefully monitor the grid waveform.
if the line excitation for its induction generator wavers significantly,
overvoltage, undervoltage, or frequency alarms trip it off line instantly. 

intelligen is building 10 natural-gas powered prototypes now.
production should begin in a year. 


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