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re: transparent roof
25 jul 2001
oxygon   wrote:

>transparent roof, 

good idea...

>    i know this is a bit unconventional... but is this a viable option?

sure. cheaper than sheathing, felt paper and asphalt shingles... 

>would it be prohibitively expensive and difficult to get approved by
>building inspectors, it would be a great use of solar power...

i removed the 20x32' steep south roof of my house and replaced it with
a single layer of dynaglas clear corrugated polycarbonate greenhouse
roofing material, about $1.50 per square foot in 4'x12' sheets, with
several manufacturers who offer a 10-year light transmission guarantee
and a 20-year expected mechanical lifetime. got a building permit to do it
in this boca township, altho it gives some insurance companies pause.

a new house might have a reflective parabolic north roof with a 4' wide
x 3" deep water trough along the north edge of the attic floor. make it
wide enough so the focal line is always inside the trough. the trough
might also contain some rows of water-cooled series-connected pv panels,
with the rows connected in parallel (to avoid "shadowing") with 3 suns.


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