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re: gennie to grid sync
21 aug 2001
duane c. johnson  wrote:

>basically the inductor has to have two ratings.

>1. the inductor must have an inductance value that can
>   limit its current to that which the genny is rated
>   while the ac line voltage is impressed across it.

so... if my 6 kw 240 v gennie needs 240^2/6kw = 9.6 ohms of inductive
reactance in series, ie l = 1/(9.6x2pix60) = 0.276 mh...

>2. the current rating of the windings must be rated for
>   the current the genny is rated for.

and it needs 6kw/240v = 25 amp wire...

>with this inductor connected between the genny and the
>line you just start the genny and go.

wow. have you tried this? how much wire do we need to wind around
how much rebar or galvanized pipe, and how much does the coil cost?


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