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re: attack on america
13 sep 2001
rob williams   wrote:

>i can't believe no one in this group pinpointed the best answer: get the 
>crackpipe of fossil fuels out of our mouths once and for all and the 
>mideast would start to look like afghanistan within a couple of years.

an excellent idea, altho i wouldn't wish middle-easterners ill...

if i were saddam hussein, i might announce that iraq was unhappy with
no-fly zones, as a foreign interference with a sovereign nation, and
proceed to airplane-bomb the sears tower in chicago, the transamerica
building in san francisco, the john hancock building in boston, and the
rouse tower in philadelphia, for starters. we might eventually change
our behavior and become better international neighbors :-) 

we didn't simply defend kuwait in the gulf war. we invaded iraq...


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