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re: attack on america
17 sep 2001
georges   wrote:


> is by
>bob bowman  " the progressive populist presidential candidate: 
>combat veteran, rocket scientist,  businessman, college professor,
>fighter pilot, executive in both government and industry, family man
>(seven children and nineteen grandchildren), bishop, and peace activist -"

granted, his credentials are odd, but consider our local paper's slogan:
"accept & defend the truth... whatever the source!" (the collegeville
independent, published continuously since 1975.) in rhetoric, an assertion
demands no more than a counterassertion. 

again, how is this history inaccurate, exactly?

i don't know the answer to this question, but it's a curious history...

our war against iraq: causes & cure...

in 1897 and 1898, britain used assassination, intrigue, and threats to 
carve out a piece of iraq and rule it through the sheikh of kuwait. in
1920, after world war i, britain, france, and the u.s. seized the rights
to 95% of the oil in iraq. by 1932, britain had expanded kuwait from a 
small village on the gulf into a colony occupying the entire coastline 
of the persian gulf from arabia to iran, completely shutting off iraq 
from access to the gulf. for the next half a century, british 
intelligence murdered almost every iraqi leader and king, because they 
called for the return of kuwait. by 1958 the u.s. was an equal partner
with britain in the coups and assassinations. together they backed a 
coup against king faisal ii (who had himself been installed by the 
british). he was killed and replaced with abdel karim qassim. but he too
called for the return of kuwait, so cia chief allen dulles ordered his 
assassination. after the job was botched a couple of times, the cia gave 
the assignment to one of its promising young assassins, saddam hussein.
with the help of a cia airlift, he succeeded. by 1968, saddam hussein
was in complete control and, under cia direction, killing trade unionists,
radicals, and communists.

in 1977, us national security advisor zbigniew brzezinski met with saddam
hussein, the emir of kuwait, and a saudi representative, and proposed that
iraq invade iran, seizing the khuzestan oil fields. in 1982, us fbi chief
william webster met with the emir of kuwait and plotted the seizure of
iraqi oil fields and the slant-drilling with which kuwait and western oil
companies stole $14 billion worth of iraqi oil.

right up to the time of saddam's invasion of kuwait, us department of
defense training manuals sang the praises of saddam hussein, noting how he
had vastly improved education, medical care, and the standard of living of
his people. his regime was called one of the most enlightened, progressive
governments in the region. this was in an official dod document used in
the education of high-ranking officers of all the military services.

but there was a problem. the berlin wall had come down. the soviet union 
had collapsed. and the american people were clamoring for a peace 
dividend. they had to find another bad guy, fast. in may 1990, a 
national security council white paper stated that iraq and saddam 
hussein were (and i quote) "the optimum contenders to replace
the warsaw pact as the rationale for major military expenditures."

two months later, on july 20, 1990, general schwarzkopf conducted 
training exercises simulating exactly the contingency of an iraqi attack 
on kuwait. five days later, april glaspie gave saddam the green light to
invade kuwait. a week later, he did. almost immediately, the u.s. 
deployed as many troops and twice as much materiel as was moved for the 
normandy invasion. do you think this was done without advance planning?

this was the war they wanted, the war they planned for, the war they 
instigated, the war they salivated over. this was the war that would 
demonstrate the capabilities of the smart bombs made by our weapons 
manufacturers. it was better than a hundred trade shows. this was the war
that would prove that george bush was not a wimp. this was the war that
would make billions for the oil company owned by the president's son,
george bush, jr., who had exclusive rights to offshore oil in the gulf.

saddam was suckered into our trap. and he fell for it. he crossed the 
undefended border of kuwait, and in response our government dropped 300 
to 400 million pounds of high explosives on iraq. this onslaught 
destroyed tens of thousands of buildings and essentially every bridge,
power plant, and industrial facility in the country. it killed a quarter
of a million iraqis, including at least 100,000 civilians, of which half
were children. now here we are eight years later, and the shocking death
toll from the gulf war has been dwarfed by that from our continuing war
against iraq. not only have we failed to rebuild what we destroyed; we
have imposed economic sanctions which have prevented the iraqis and
everyone else from doing so.

in the eight years since the end of desert storm, one and a half million 
iraqis have died as a direct result of us/un sanctions. it is now 
estimated that among those who have lost their lives are three quarters 
of a million children under the age of five! and the dying goes on. a 
million iraqi children are seriously malnourished, and 150 to 200 are 
dying every day.

among the ordnance we used on iraq were some 500 tons of depleted 
uranium bombs and artillery shells. the radioactive dust covering the 
southern part of iraq has caused birth defects and cancer rates to soar. 
as if that weren=92t enough, we periodically continue to drop bombs and 
cruise missiles on that devastated nation...

is it any wonder we are considered the great satan? is it any wonder we 
are hated? is it any wonder we are the target of terrorists?


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