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re: cinder-block vacation home
28 sep 2001
>...a house with exposed internal mass and resistive exterior walls
>might store lots of coolth with night ventilation from may through
>september in minneapolis, given the daily min temps, with no need
>for air conditioning. 
and if we define the "effective r-value" as the honest r-value times the
energy need of a typical house divided by the energy need of an icf house,
and a typical house stores coolth in july while an icf house stores heat
over 24 hours (with concrete completely surrounded by insulation), the icf 
needs about 24h(73.6-68)100btu/h-f = 13.4k btu/day of cooling, so the icf's 
"effective r-value" is r20x0/13.4k = r0! :-)

>may   jun   jul   aug   sep 
>47.6  57.6  63.1  60.3  50.3    average daily min (f)
>58.5  68.2  73.6  70.5  60.5    24-hour average 
>69.4  78.8  84.0  80.7  70.7    average daily max 


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