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re: looking for info on pool solar heating in nj
27 sep 1996
andrew mckegney  wrote:
> seems you have been given a couple of real neat suggestions
>(plastic sheets on the roof, floating styrafoam balls !<)-
>impractical and inefficient, but neat.

care to explain why plastic sheets on the roof are impractical? there are
about 15,000 acres of greenhouses in the united states, and about 65% of them
have polyethylene film roofs, 15 square miles of such roofs with no solid
material underneath, sprinkled all over the country. professor bill roberts
at rutgers works with one new jersey greenhouse that measures 1320 x 250',
ie 7.5 acres. the one next door measures 1000 x 290', 6.7 acres. many growers
use inexpensive aluminum extrusion clamps to hold the film, making it easy
to change and recycle it every 3 years or so. 

and why is efficiency is so important, vs cost-effectiveness?

and why do you seem to be in love with "hi-tech" systems?

swimming in styrofoam balls may not be everyone's cup of tea, nor was it my
suggestion. perhaps a layer of tiny foam bubbles would work better, with some
way to kill them quickly, c02 or dust, or some sort of non-toxic solvent? make
bubbles inside a floating pool cover sandwich? roll it all up automatically,
in a minute? tiny cold bubbles have about the same r-value as fiberglass...
one might deflate 'em to let the sun shine in during the day.

so, speaking for the established greedy ignorant unimaginative shortsighted
solar pool industry collection of criminals slavering after government
subsidies, andrew, where are _your_ r10 pool covers?

a friend of mine invented one, also not everyone's cup of tea: a tracked
tennis court over a pool, with motors that slid the court back at the touch
of a button. he enjoyed inventing that horse.

now where can i buy that foam blanket system? uv-poly comes in big pieces, eg
rolls 32' wide by 100' long that cost $160 and weigh 75 pounds, eg from geiger
at (800) 4geiger or or it's easy
to heat seal. do you own an iron?  


(who doesn't own a pool, but used just 25 gallons of oil and no wood or
electrical power to heat his low-tech 1820 4 bedroom stone house with the
new steep south polycarbonate plastic roof last winter, and plans to use
less this winter :-) 

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