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re: webmd: "keeping a cold winter house can harm your health"
26 nov 2001
cozyhome  wrote:

>    putting on extra clothes will not work for everyone, although it will
>work for some...

this borders on being another mcfl energy myth, as in "putting on extra
clothes will not make you warmer." well, it will, unless you are dead,
because your body generates heat, so increasing its thermal resistance
raises its temperature. will more clothes make everyone "warm enough"?
you might say that's a matter of taste, but the answer is yes, in the
absolute sense. pile on more and more clothes and you will eventually
find yourself "warm." an average person will die after 8 hours in a
body temp swimming pool without enough heat loss. 

>sitting around feeling lousy happens before one gets cold, and doesn't
>go away just because they got cold and got up and moved.

moving also makes you warmer (vs non-lousy), other things being equal,
because your body has to generate more heat to move. gaining weight also
helps, since your heat-generating volume increases faster than your
heat-losing surface, as you gain weight. 


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