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re: winter heating:  natural gas or electricity ?
2 dec 2001
lz  wrote:

>imagine (from one post there) you're paying 10cents per kwh... in 24 hrs
>you use for one 1500w heater 1.5*10*24=$3.60, that is, if you have the
>thing on 24/24. if you leave it on for three months, the bill would
>exceed $300.

that's 24hx1500x3.412 = 122.8k btu at $2.93x10^-5/btu, vs 0.8x100k = 80k
btu with an 80% efficient furnace at say, 50 cents/therm for natural gas,
at 6.25x10^-6/btu, ie 4.7x cheaper... 


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