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re: winter heating:  natural gas or electricity ?
3 dec 2001
joelncaryn  wrote:

>>9. many modern houses cannot be cooled just by opening the windows.
> i pointed out last time, this is correct.

perhaps you recall my response: "so warm air doesn't rise in modern
houses?" :-) the op lamented that modern houses often lacked windows
placed for cross-ventilation.

>many modern houses do not have gable vents, because they have vaulted
>ceilings.  they do not have holes in the roof to vent the heat...

seems to me vaulted ceilings can have gables, or ridge and soffit vents,
and owners often have saws, or know people who do :-)

>the highest window or door is 8' above finished floor;
>the peak of the ceiling is at 14'.

might be a good place for a hole, altho vents near the floor
and 8' high openings could work well...

>temperature stratification results.

not good, even if the occupied zone is below 8', since a 90 f
ceiling can radiate to a 70 f floor with a conductance of about
4(0.1714x10^-8)((460+80)^3) = u1.08, ie us r0.93. a shiny ceiling
would help, eg a layer of foil-faced foamboard that raises this
to about r15.


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