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re: building a passive solar house - how?
17 dec 2001
jw&a  wrote:

>...even with really good insulation, it would be hard to have enough
>thermal mass to keep the house from warming up in the summer.

a day's worth of thermal mass is useful for night ventilation. the
average july daily min temp in charleston, sc is 72.7 f. the 24-hour 
average is 81.5.  if you could cool your house to 72.7 every night
and its thermal conductance were 400 btu/h-f, how much thermal mass
would you need to keep it less than 75 f over a 12-hour 81.5 f day?

>...if we have windows in the winter they will allow some radiation in
>on a sunny day, which will provide some warmth. it sounds like you are
>saying that if the windows cannot provide all of the heat for a room,
>then we should not use them for any heat. i don't understand.

if a room needs a lot more heat than a window can provide in wintertime,
ie the solar heat from the window just makes the furnace run less often, 
why store solar heat from the window? every bit gets used. none is wasted.


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