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re: condensation on interior of thermal air column?
19 dec 2001
james johnson  wrote:

>nick, there will be no thermal mass involved.

that seems strange. wouldn't you rather ventilate your house at night
and button it up during the day to keep it close to 69 f all the time
than let it float up to 96 f every afternoon?

>where i live cooling is the prime energy user.  the whole idea is to cool
>the walls and roof to cut down on the radiant heat.

you can't make it cooler than the outdoor temp with mere insulation.

>the walls will have a 6 mil vapor barrier, 5" fiberglass (2x6 studs),
>1/2" aluminum clad foam building board, 1" air space, then the two
>wall sheets.  5/8" sheetrock on the inside wall.

r19+r8?+r3? = r30 sounds good. sheetrock has thermal mass,
about 1 btu/f-ft^2 per inch of thickness... concrete has
about 25 btu/f-ft^3. water has about 64 btu/f-ft^3.

the more insulation you have, the less thermal mass you need
for cooling by night ventilation. 

>a long thermal chimney draws better than a couple of short ones and if the
>velocity thru the channels is high enough, the roof shouldn't pick up that
>much more heat from the walls.

more velocity helps the warm air in the channels transfer heat to the house.

>i haven't looked for innovative insulation--do you have a phone #...

(877) 500-8671.


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