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re: furnace humidifiers; was re: not needed--pyjamas
21 dec 2001
mom   wrote:

>our house has been caulked into oblivion and back.  by simple design,
>even opening a door will permit air leakage, so our house is not air tight.

some people measure air leakage in cfm vs oblivia, and close the house doors
in wintertime.

>obviously, you do not live in an area where additional humidification
>is necessary.

a lot of my neighbors believe it is necessary. they are wrong.

>central heat is notorious for drying out indoor air. 

sounds like another mcfl energy myth.

>...our natural gas company includes a flier at the start of the heating
>season reminding their customers of the benefits of a humidifier...

would they, by chance, be in the business of  selling  energy?
would they sell less, if you caulked your house?

>...the air simply gets too dry with the natural gas, central heating.
>the moist air is carried to the furnace and heated where it does lose
>some of its moisture content.

how would that happen in a closed system in which cooler room air enters
one end of a sealed heat exchanger and the same air exits the other end,
warmer? do you believe that condensation occurs in that heat exchanger?
i don't. maybe you're saying the gas furnace draws combustion air from
inside the house, which makes a vacuum that draws outdoor air in through
cracks in the house. that's an air infiltration problem which might be
fixed with a separate combustion air inlet and more house caulking. imo,
it has nothing to do with "central heating," or "forced air heating."

>you know the little property of water evaporation?

sure. start out with liquid water, and end up with water vapor.

>it happens right in the furnace...

really? where does the liquid water come from?
would you care to explain further?


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