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re: solar pool heating. using existing technology
4 oct 1996
andrew mckegney  wrote:
>in these posts i've felt like i'm battling someone who isn't really
>looking for practical answers.

and i feel i'm talking with someone who has no practical answers to sell.

>i would appear he has a plastic film fixation.

i don't see that in my dsm iv.

>i'm sure plastic film works in a limited number of applications,

not so limited, i think. there is this very large and successful greenhouse
industry that seems to be mostly ignored by the solar heating industry. why? 

last year i got 4 or 5 quotes on residential sunspaces, and the prices varied
from $50-150/ft^2, while commercial plastic film greenhouses cost less than
$1/ft^2, and work almost as efficiently as solar heaters. this difference 
is very remarkable to me. if commerical growers had to use residential
sunspaces, they would be out of business in a year. i think the fact that
people heat houses with residential sunspaces is economically crippling
the solar house heating industry, don't you?

pools seem different. the problem there seems to be the imbalance between
too little insulation and too much emphasis on pool heating, like bailing
a boat with big holes in the bottom. perhaps pool owners are so rich,
they don't care about the money it takes to heat a pool. available products
are not suitable for pool heating, as a system. is that because of a lack
of industrial leadership, or a lack of market demand, or both? or is it
just momentum and ignorance. somebody should look at swimming pool heating
_systems_, a subject which includes insulation (surprise.)

steve baer recently wrote that the greatest discovery of solar heating
investigators has been that if you use lots and lots of insulation, you
need very little heat for a house, from the sun or any other source :-)

pool people do not seem to have discovered that yet. steve has also
written that, in a way, he enjoys repeating obvious truths to people
who won't listen. i don't.

>but to suggest it is the panacea for all of our solar needs is absurd.

nobody suggested that.

>there are many good solar products on the market, and many dedicated
>and experienced solar companies out there. it is still a buyer beware
>market, and the best defense is to become informed and educated about
>solar before looking to buy something. i would hope that this
>newsgroup strives to achieve that purpose for its' readers. i know
>that's what i'm trying to do.

that's one purpose i had in mind when i created this newsgroup.

another is to focus on basics, and cut through the hype.


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