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re: cost of living question
26 jan 2002
anthony matonak   wrote:

>nick pine wrote:
>> i keep wondering how to provide self-contained "utilities" for an rv...
>> a water supply and septic system, heating and cooling, electricity, phone.
>> it's easy in principle, given unlimited solar power. distill and reuse
>> the wastewater, and so on...

>...'only' $500 a month rent isn't all that great a deal.

agreed. that's a lot for a patch of ground large enough for an rv in
the middle of nowhere. or a flat rooftop in brooklyn. (how do we get
the rv up on the roof? :-)

>rv's today can have electricity, heating, cooling, phones, tv's, all 
>with conventional technology.

for a little while. less than a month, until you need more water, more gas,
a waste dump, and so on? cellphones helped a lot, except for the internet.

>even if you could design a 'distill my wastewater' system, i'd be leery
>of drinking the water.

most people would :-) astronauts must do this during long space missions. 
we might find a box labeled "p to t converter" on a nasa block diagram. 

>if the system breaks down or isn't 100% at filtering then contaminants
>could build up over time.

real distillation (or evaporation and condensation) vs "filtering" seems
reasonably foolproof, like drinking rainwater, on a larger scale. maybe
we need a carbon filter or something to avoid the buildup of ketones(?)
net.people sometimes get so fascinated with reading their own words that
they exaggerate potential dangers as they type away in their closets.

>the only company that i know of that even tried this kind of thing (for
>fixed installations like homes) got out of that business a long time ago. 

hmmm. in arizona deserts? how did it work? i can picture the roof of an rv
with a 30' long x 2' wide 3-tray triple-effect solar still under a fold-up
reflective parabolic trough, with graywater on the bottom, freshwater for
showers and space heating above that, and licl for ac and dehumidification
and winter heat storage above that. we might collect a little rainwater
to make up for accidental evaporation.


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