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re: naturalamb condoms
1 feb 2002
>...anyway, just had to chime in, if  you're trying to prevent pregnancy,
>condoms aren't a very frugal answer, since they have a 10% or higher
>failure rate.

maybe it's time to rename the group mass-confusion.frugal-living :-)

as i recall, condoms have an "80% success rate" for couples who want to
avoid pregnancy, ie only 20% become pregnant _over a year_, so the real
failure rate per use is much lower, on the order of 1-exp(ln(0.8)/100)
= 0.002, ie 0.2% for 100 trials.

however, completely unprotected sex only results in pregnancy 14% of the
time, so condoms are probably unfrugal and overrated for aids protection,
compared to say, hiv tests, with a 0.2%/0.14 = 1.6% chance of exchanging
precious bodily fluids. 


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