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re: pumping water 200 feet - best way?
1 feb 2002
anthony matonak   wrote:

>...i imagine you could have a vacuum pump that condenses the water vapor 
>it sucks out of the well. i'd think you would get very pure water as this is 
>basically a still. i also imagine it would operate as a heat pump because the
>water boiling at the bottom of the well would suck the heat out of the ground 
>and the condenser at the top of the well would release that heat...

that might be hard to do in a typical well by sucking air out the top.
i got a well top buried 2' underground a few months ago. the perpetrator
sealed the cap completely, enlarging its rubber o-ring until it fit very
tightly into the casing and putting plugs in every one of the holes
intended for ventilation. i asked if this would cause a vacuum problem
when the submersible pump came on, and he said no, the well itself leaks
plenty of air and water.

we might suck air out of a pipe that terminates underwater. less drilling
and digging than the usual ground-source heat pump, with better thermal
conductance to groundwater and less chance of contamination. how efficient
would that be, as heat pumps go? how can we calculate the efficiency?
warmer water is better, no? 


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