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re: inexpensive desert airconditioning . . .
14 feb 2002
billy baty   wrote:

>i've lived in the desert for years and i don't remember anyone talking
>about how expensive water was.

i've heard that the cost of water is heavily subsidized by the rest of
the states in places like arizona. those subsidies have expiration dates.

>i think it is about the same as anywhere with the main expense being
>the treating and delivery. or maintaining the delivery system.

and most of the water in phoenix is pumped up about 1000', at an energy
cost of something like 6 kwh/gallon...

in such places, it may be better to move 10k btu with a kwh in an ac
with a cop of 3 than evaporate a gallon of water to remove 1k btu of
heat from a house, especially if the power plant uses dry cooling or
wind, and the evaporated water is not recovered by condensation.


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