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re: new to renewable
2 apr 2002
walt   wrote:

>, insulation and draft prevention are essential elements. 
>without those things you will never be energy efficient.

windows are helpful, vs wind whistling through holes in the wall.

>in general, the ghp is an excellent resource that is almost always
>amenable to system upgrades that can be very energy and cost
>effective in today's real world.

seems inefficient to me. might as well burn whatever the utility burns,
since they send about 2/3 of the fuel's heating value up the cooling
tower, and the ghp only has a cop of 3. burn 3 btu, deliver 1 btu of
electrical energy, and turn that back into 3 btu, with an expensive
and complicated system.
solar heating systems can have cops of 1000 or more. a 100 w ceiling
fan can move 25k cfm, ie about 50k btu/h a 20 f temp diff, ie 14.6 kw
of heat, for a cop of 1460...


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