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re: homemade or factory solar collector for swimming pool
7 apr 2002
dave johnson  wrote:

>"bill roosa"  wrote...

>> run your filter outlet to the top of the roof and let it squirt out
>> through holes in a header pipe that runs along the peak.  collect
>> the now warmer water in eves and run it through a filter to keep
>> the dirt out... my parents do this and it works fine...
>what kind of roof(s) are we talking about?

asphalt shingles?

>i've seen leaking pool panels rot out galvanized drip edge, roofing
>nails,and valley. i don't think copper would fare much better when
>exposed to this caustic substance.

how about covering the roof with a layer of epdm rubber with a layer
of fiberglass window screen above that to help the water spread out vs
trickle in rivulets over the surface?

>evaporation could be a problem. it is prolific enough from the surface
>of a heated pool.

over 4x4 sleepers on 4' centers, with clear polycarbonate over that?

the materials might cost $3/ft^2 (30 cents/ft^2 for epdm plus 50 cents
for the window screen plus $1.50 for the polycarbonate, plus the 4x4s
and ridge pipe), but it would probably last a lot longer than plastic
pool heaters. you could also use it for solar heating and ac, a la
thomason, using a 2:1 cacl2/licl solution...

>if you put the black plastic directly on the roof then rot may occur.

that might be a problem if the plastic leaks or the underside of the
roof is underventilated, with a poor vapor barrier in the attic floor,
but those situations seem avoidable...


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