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re: phase change materials
10 apr 2002
joris van dorp  wrote:

>a pure parafin will change phase at a single temperature. the mixture
>of parafins i will use have a 4k sliding temperature glide during
>phase change, as do most parafin mixtures for hvac application.

so the wallboard itself would have a 7 f day/night temp swing, and the air
temp would swing more, depending on the amount of night ventilation and
insulation and energy use. how many btu/ft^2 or j/m^2 will it store over
4k (vs 1/2" drywall at 3.5 btu/ft^2 or 41 kj/m^2.)

>...the parafin is encapsulated in microscopic containers. a penetration
>will only destroy a few small pockets of encapsulated parafin and will
>not cause a leak.

sounds nice. what happens if you heat a piece of this board with a torch?
will it support combustion?
>the unloading will probably be done by ventilating at 10ach with outside
>air using automatically opening windows during the night.

nice :-) you would make 10 ach without fans? in a tall building?

>the ultimate goal is using the parafin boards to build an office that
>requires no mechanical cooling or heating...

or maybe a home, with an isolated sunspace to supply warm air
in the wintertime. sounds great. keep us posted.

now, how about dehumidification? :-)


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