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re: dehumidify basement?
13 may 2002
smegghedj  wrote:

>any ideas on how to dehumidify an unfinished basement, short of going out
>and buying a dehumidifier? thanks!

the yearly average air (and basement) temp is 54.3 f in phila. at 50% rh,
this corresponds to a dew point of (460+54.3)/(1+(460+54.3)ln(0.5)/9621)
= 36 f. you might turn on a basement fan whenever the outdoor temp is less
than 36 f and turn it off when the basement rh drops to 60%, with grainger's
$16 5e266 line voltage thermostat and herbach and rademan's ((800) 848-8001 $4.95 navy surplus humidistat, item # tm89hvc5203,
which has a 20-80% range, a 3-6% differential, and a 7.5a 125v switch that
can be wired to open or close on humidity rise.

with another humidistat for outdoor air, other combinations are possible: 

to:   40   45   50   55   60   65   70   75   80 f...
ro:   88   74   64   54   47   40   35   30   26 %...

perhaps someone will make a smart basement fan control that figures this
out automatically (r = exp(-16.53(t-36)/(460+to))) and tries to keep the
basement dry, and warmer in winter and cooler in summer by ventilation.  


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