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re: dehumidify basement?
16 may 2002
bughunter  wrote:

>my concrete walled basement suffered from high humidity in the summer
>months of new england for many years...

i wonder where the humidity came from. warm humid outdoor air leaked
into the basement and cooled and the rh rose and maybe condensed on
the walls and tools, and so on?

>about 10 years ago, i finished the basement space by adding 1.5" of foam
>insulation over the concrete walls, and then covered that with barn board
>paneling. this reduced humidity somewhat because the warm air had less
>contact with the cool concrete walls.

sounds like this also made the basement less useful as a coolth source
in summertime and warmth source in wintertime, with less exposed thermal
mass and more resistance between the basement air and the deep earth temp.

>...when i installed a whole house forced hot water oil heating system,
>i ran a separate heating zone in the basement... set at about 62 degrees
>during the summer... the basement zone draws off a small amount of heat
>which acts to keep the basement a tad bit warmer and bone dry.
>it still costs me some additional fuel each year, but i it is a lot less
>than what it costs to run the dehumidifier.
>sometimes, all it takes is a little additional heat.

that might come from ventilation with warm dry outdoor air or (preferably)
circulation of warm dry indoor air between the house and the basement. it
looks like there's a compromise here. we would like to keep the basement
cool in order to provide a source of coolth for the house, but we would
also like to avoid making the basement too humid, eg greater than 60% rh.


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