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re: how large a fan do i need?
16 may 2002
ron rosenfeld   wrote:

>my idea for a solution is to ventilate the room with outdoor air (if the
>generator is running and the room is warm), but i have no idea how to
>determine the appropriate size of the vents or the fan.

the generator probably makes about 4x more heat than the electrical
output, and c cfm of airflow with a dt (f) temp diff moves about cdt
btu/h of heat. if your 5 kw genny makes 20kw (68k btu/h) of heat and
it's 80 f outdoors, 5000 cfm of airflow will make the room 68k/5000
= 13.7 f warmer than the outdoors, ie 93.7 indoors. 

grainger's $71 4tm66 5850 cfm 16" window fan seems very efficient
at 90 w, with 3 speeds, a reversing switch, and a thermostat.


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